The Truth About Bones

?Give a Dog a Bone

Give your dog hard bones, and you could be introducing your dog to some very painful fractures! Broken teeth can result in pulp exposure. Even if the pulp is not overtly exposed, the tooth is still painful due to the nerves in the teeth, and the pulp can easily become infected.

Fractured teeth need treatment immediately. In some cases, the tooth can be saved with restoration or root canal therapy. Other instances, such as this dog with a slab fracture to the left, must have that tooth extracted. 

Chew Wisely

Any hard object or toy is risky to give your dog. The most common chews among pet stores are antlers, bones, hooves, bully sticks, and nylabones. 

"If you wouldn't knock it against your knee or forehead, don't give it to your dog."         -Dr. Keith Stein

We all know that dogs love to chew! It is our job as pet owners to provide a chew that is safe and will hold their interest without being destroyed too quickly. We recommend any toy or chew that has some flexibility or "give" to it when you press firmly into it. This can prove to be extremely difficult for dogs that chew aggressively. For powerful chewers, provide them with larger toys that won't fit all the way in their mouth.

Rawhides are another chew that can be dangerous for your pet. Dogs can swallow large pieces that can become lodged in their intestines.

If you choose to give your dog rawhides, we recommend the granulated rawhide chews that break into smaller pieces when chewed upon.

Not only can bones fracture teeth, they can also splinter and cause damage to the soft tissue in the mouth. They can also perforate the throat, intestines and colon, causing internal trauma. Along with bones, sticks and wood can become lodged in the mouth and also pose as a choking hazard

Appropriate toys to give your dog include anything that has a little bit of give to it when being pressed into. Some rubber toys are stronger than others, so make sure you chose one that is appropriate for your dog. Several of these types of toys are treat based for longer more enjoyable fun for your pet!