What does Fear Free mean? 

Tennessee Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery and staff are striving to make you and your pet's visit with us as comfortable as possible. We are actively working towards a Fear Free Certification. We take special steps to ensure a pleasant experience for your furry family. Adding the use of calming pheromones, taking a gentle approach with less restraint, and creating a warm, welcoming environment are just a few steps we take towardsa a fear free veterinary visit. 

What can I do as a pet owner? 

Some dogs and cats get stressed out prior to the visit to the vet's office. It starts with the site of a rarely seen carrier that they may associate with a fearful event or even just a car ride. To create a fear free trip to the vet, some owners will make the carrier "permanent furniture" or set the carrier in site 1 week prior to the appointment. Hiding treats in and around the carrier for these days will help desensitize your pet. Species specific calming pheromones may be used at home in and around the carrier as well as in the car. It is best used when spraying a towel that is drapped over the carrier for a more burrowing feel, especially for cats because they feel more comfortable hidden. Allow the vehicle to warm up or cool down before transporting your pet to the car, so that they don't experience a rapid change in temperature. Our pets are very sound sensitive, anything from baby talk to loud noises can effect their attitude.  'Through a Cats Ears' and 'Through a Dogs Ears' are soundtracks that have been shown effective on  many  studies to help keep pets calmer and relaxed- this might be a helpful tool to utilize for the car ride here. 

To learn more about Fear Free, please visit www.fearfreepets.com.