There are many conditions which can affect the oral cavity of your pet.  No longer are we simply concerned with the occasional “cleaning”.  Poor oral health and oral disease can severely affect your pet’s quality of life, often without any overt signs.  Most animals with oral disease, even severe oral disease, will continue to eat, play and do other things that they normally do without any signs that they are in pain.  It’s extremely important to have your pet’s oral cavity examined on a regular basis, because many oral diseases are best treated, if not cured, when caught early.



TMJ disease

Malocclusion treatment planning

Periodontal disease

Endodontic diseaes

Missing teeth

Oral masses

Nasal discharge

Root canal therapy

Vital pulp cap therapy


Surgical root canal treatment

Dental luxations/avulsions

Surgical extraction

Full mouth extractions

Tooth resorption

Oral tumor resection

Jaw fracture management

Crown therapy

Enamel defect & caries restoration

Dental bonding

Dental cleanings


Routine procedures on high risk patients

Root planing

Bone augmentation

Periodontal splinting

Gingival surgical treatment

Guided tissue regeneration

Bite evaluation

Orthodontic appliances

Correction of malocclusion